Blind assembly solutions


Speed rivets

Riv-Elit® Speed rivets range has been designed to increase productivity. Easy to use, constant and repeatable clamping, rapid, cost effective... are the main benefits of this fastening system. Designed for a rapid and Blind-sided installation, they are ideal for fastening different materials and thicknesses (metals, plastics, composites, fibre-glass and electronic components).

Riv-Elit® Speed rivet is a semi-automatic fastening system. The rivets are pre-loaded on a one way mandrel ready for introduction into the nose of the riveting machine allowing you to continuously fasten up to 70 rivets per minute.

Our installation tools for speed rivets have been designed for medium and high volume applications. They can be pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic, standard or custom-made to suit your assembly requirements. From handheld tools to multi-headed modular workstations, all our setting tools can be equipped with a process control system ensuring your rivets have been properly set.

  • Semi-automatic rapid installation system
  • Reduced setting time
  • Improved joined quality
  • No broken mandrels after the installation
  • Increased staff security
  • Easy magazine handling, easy purchasing
  • Rivets are delivered on a one way mandrel ready to be introduced into the riveting machine. Topriv rivets can also be delivered on paper pods
Riveting process
  1. The mandrel with pre-loaded rivets is introduced into the hole.
  2. Tool actuation pulls the mandrel through the rivet, expanding it within the hole. It provides high clamping capability and secure joints.
  3. The next rivet reaches the nose of the tool automatically, ready to repeat the assembly process.